Dental Crowns and Bridges in Odessa

Drs. Chris and Rosemina Rameau are committed to providing restorative care that not only preserves healthy teeth but also assists in creating a seamless, natural aesthetic for their patients. Offering crowns and bridges made of quality materials, our dentists and team produce uniform smiles for patients in Odessa and throughout the surrounding communities. If you are experiencing significant decay or tooth loss, contact Precious Smiles Dentistry today.

Tooth-Colored CrownsTooth-Colored Crowns

Dental ceramics have made it possible for patients to have teeth restored without compromising their smiles’ natural appeal. At Precious Smiles Dentistry, we use all-ceramic and porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) crowns, allowing our Odessa restorative dentists to preserve both structural integrity and appearance.

Capable of mimicking genuine color and translucency, fully ceramic crowns are ideal for patients who need their front teeth restored. We also provide PFM crowns when additional resiliency is required to effectively replace molars. Combining the strength of traditional metal crowns with the aesthetics of dental ceramics, these crowns allow patients to have a comfortable bite without the cosmetic impact of metal showing in their smile.

Resilient Dental Bridges with Cosmetic Appeal

Bridges are more traditional prosthetics, replacing absent or diminished teeth without the need for implant placement. In order to replace one or more adjacent teeth, bridges use the support of neighboring dentition. This effectively secures the artificial teeth, or pontics, and closes the gap left by missing teeth. Based on individual functional need and cosmetic goals, our dentist will recommend bridges made either entirely from ceramics or PFM.

These restorations not only provide patients with a complete smile but helps prevent jaw discomfort that can result from imbalanced bite pressure.

Should you have teeth missing, Drs. Chris and Rosemina Rameau will walk you through your options to help determine whether a dental bridge or implant-supported restoration best suits your needs. We understand that our patients trust us to provide optimal care for their smiles and work to help them understand the immediate and long-term effects their restorations will have.

Quality Dental RestorationsQuality Dental Restorations

Our practice provides restorations created by a number of trusted dental laboratories to ensure quality and comfort. Each crown and bridge is tailored to each individual’s unique smile, producing a comfortable fit and a natural appearance capable of lasting for years.

We offer temporary restorations while the final crown or bridge is fabricated, making sure our patients leave with a complete smile whenever possible.

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Whether you are experiencing significant dental decay or are missing one or more teeth, Drs. Chris and Rosemina Rameau are committed to offering quality dental care. Our team at Precious Smiles Dentistry emphasizes providing effective cosmetic and restorative solutions, such as crowns and bridges, for patients in West Odessa, Gardendale, Midland, and nearby areas across the Permian Basin.

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