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While losing a single or multiple teeth can catch you off guard, it is not uncommon and far from untreatable. Given contributing factors that include traumatic injury, poor oral hygiene, existing medical conditions, and even the natural aging process, it is not difficult to understand why many people eventually face tooth loss. Finding an experienced dentist to promptly provide restorative care can make all the difference between developing extensive health concerns and regaining the appearance and function of a full smile.

You have several options to choose from when it comes to replacing missing teeth. At Precious Smiles Dentistry, we offer one of the most practical solutions: dental implants. Qualified as a fellow of the International College of Oral Implantologists (ICOI) and years of experience working with implants, Dr. Chris Rameau helps patients in Odessa, Midland, Gardendale, Monahans, Pecos and surrounding communities achieve optimal dental health.

How Do Dental Implants Work?

Dental Implants in OdessaA dental implant consists of three main components: a titanium post that serves as a foundation,the artificial root of the tooth, an abutment, and a restoration, such as a porcelain crown, that sits securely on the abutment. Together, these pieces make up a complete replacement for the root and visible surface of an absent tooth. By preventing bone loss and keeping teeth from shifting into open spaces, implants not only provide the appearance of a complete smile but also preserve the facial structure.

Highly versatile, dental implants can be used as a stand-alone option ( to replace one missing tooth) or customized to accommodate other restorative options like bridges and dentures. Your individual situation determines the number and type of implants Dr. Rameau will recommend. Our Odessa dentist both places and provides the restorations for dental implants, which means your care is managed by the same professional throughout treatment, ensuring continuity in your treatment.

If you wear a denture and cost is a prohibitive factor, ask us about narrow diameter dental implants( Mini Implants)

What Does Receiving a Dental Implant Involve?

Beginning with your initial consultation at Precious Smiles Dentistry, we focus on providing the implant options best suited for you. After performing an examination to determine your current state of oral health, Dr. Rameau will make a recommendation based on your needs, treatment timeframe, cosmetic goals, and budget. Our dentist will also go over the details of placement at this visit, using models, educational videos, and earnest discussion to make sure you have a thorough understanding of the procedure.

In addition to improving the accuracy of treatment, Dr. Rameau uses panoramic x-rays along with imaging software to simulate implant placement and provide expectations for the outcome of the procedure. The evening following placement, our dentist will call to make sure you are doing well and address any post-treatment concerns you may have. He will also follow-up with you a week later to assess the progress of your implants.

Planning for Implants in Odessa

After you have had time to recover and your implant has integrated appropriately, Dr. Rameau will have you come in for another appointment where he will take impressions to design your custom implant restoration. Our practice often uses porcelain for our crowns, bridges, and other restorations as it closely resembles natural teeth and is resilient enough to withstand typical dental function. However, we have a variety of materials available to create restorations that accommodate each individual’s functional and appearance needs. Rest assured that Dr. Chris and Dr. Rose will explain to you why if using full porcelain restorations is not an option in your situation.

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If you are missing teeth and are ready to get back the health and appearance of your smile, it’s time to consider dental implants. Our practice serves the restorative needs of patients in West Texas, Odessa, Midland, Gardendale, and the neighborhoods in between. To learn more about implant dentistry and find out if you are a candidate, contact Precious Smiles Dentistry and schedule an appointment today!