Root Canal Treatment in Odessa, TX

Dental infections are usually characterized by a sudden toothache and a sensitivity to cold and hot temperatures. At Precious Smiles Dentistry we offer root canal treatment to alleviate discomfort and mitigate the impact a compromised tooth has on your smile. Our Odessa dentist, Dr. Chrissome Rameau provides top-notch dental care by performing this effective procedure to preserve teeth and boost patients’ overall well-being.

Symptoms of a Dental Infection

The internal structures of your teeth contain the pulp, a collection of the tooth’s blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissues. The pulp can become infected or inflamed when bacteria reaches below the dental enamel due to severe decay or sudden injury. Our dentist typically detects an infected tooth by viewing symptoms such as swelling, tenderness, an abscess, and your reports of sensitivity to temperatures or a toothache. Patients showing any of these signs should contact Precious Smiles Dentistry to undergo root canal treatment and diminish the risks of further complications.

If a dental infection is left unaddressed, it may worsen to the point where tooth extraction is necessary. Our practice provides quick and efficient root canal therapies to maintain naturally healthy smiles.

Root Canal Procedures in OdessaRoot Canal Treatment

Our dental team at Precious Smiles Dentistry is committed to restoring and preserving the oral health of our patients. We provide root canal therapy with your comfort as our top priority. This allows you peace of mind when it comes time to undergo treatment. Before we begin your procedure, our dentist talks with you to give you the opportunity to asks any questions and voice your concerns.

Dr. Rameau starts by entering the tooth’s inner structures through the crown and removing the decayed pulp. He then eliminates any remnants of bacteria and dead nerve tissue, filling the cavity with gutta-percha, a tooth-colored composite, to prevent bacteria from re-entering. Our Odessa dentist completes treatment by prepping your smile for a ceramic crown to ensure you feel confident when showing off your teeth. Your restorations are crafted with an aesthetic-mind and natural-looking materials, allowing the crown to blend in with surrounding teeth.

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If you would like to know more about root canal treatment, call or visit Precious Smiles Dentistry today to schedule a consultation with our Odessa dentist. Dr. Rameau makes every effort help patients achieve their ideal smiles.